Saturday, April 29, 2017


I had a Disney trip a little bit ago and snapped these pictures. Mary is always hard to find. The flower fell perfectly between Chip and Dale.

My First Post

So this is my first post. I'm just testing things out and learning how to use blogger.  This picture is from my back yard......just kidding.  This post isn't super interesting, it's mainly just for me to figure things out about blogging.

To Sophie, Love Mom

My Dear Sweet Sophie, 
Today I give to you the gift of blogging.  Growing up I wish I had this outlet.  Here lies your ability to share your thoughts, feelings, adventures, dreams, hopes, struggles, and of course, pictures. Always remember that while your intent may be to share with friends and family, you are in fact sharing this page with the world. Always season your words with honest grace, and never sarcasm.
I hope this outlet proves as therapeutic for you as it has me. May it give you the ability to share as much or little of yourself as you chose. 
Remember, you are giving others a peek through a window into your life.  You must promise me to always be honest, and kind.  When those two paths collide, opt for silence.
Enjoy your little space here.